About/How To Use This Site

I’m a guy that likes to learn about different aspects of life, who’s been exposed to different skills/disciplines and cultures, and loves to find ways to improve my life through experiences. I’ll share info. through my blogs (possibly photos and videos) about many things that I’ve experienced, and unbiased opinions to my best ability. I think it’s my life path to share my knowledge and expertise to anyone who is interested to learn what I’ve learned, and I welcome discussions in an attempt to help find YOUR path (or paths) in life. * The headline photo of the walkway is appropriate 🙂 *  I’ll also get the word out (advertise) and provide reviews about events, products, and businesses to make people aware of them.  Enjoy!

How to use this site?  If you’re new to this site, no worries.  Thanks for visiting and feel free to share this site and info. with others.

To use this site you simply look at the right menu bar.  Under the headline ‘Categories’ just click on whichever category you want to browse through, and from there you’ll find articles based on that topic.  If you’d like to visit my other blogs/sites, feel free to click on the tab button in the top menu.

If you find my blogs and info. about certain topics have added value or meaning to your life, I would very much appreciate any donations of any amount. Even $1’s are fine if you choose to donate, no obligations. 😉 You can simply click on the PayPal ‘Donate’ button and you’ll be directed to my PayPal account. Thank you in advance!

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