A Nice Sunday Stroll Through Downtown Carmel.

My original plan was to experience the annual four-day “Taste Of Carmel” Festival.  But because of time restrictions I had during that weekend, I’ll only provide two hours of a review in this blog.

The weather was perfect to walk through the lively downtown Carmel.  I felt a sense of Europe, and this place brought back personal fond memories.  The place definitely lives up to its reputation of Bohemian Culture, which was first founded here in the early 1900’s.  Everyone that walks through here will be surrounded by art and culture.  Numerous art galleries, wine-tasting venues, and cultural imports shops (such as a Turkish Imports store) fill up the downtown area.  People from all over the world visit here.  I even met a couple of women from Great Britain and New York at the Carmel Coffee And Bakery Company.  (On another note, make sure to stop into Carmel Coffee And Bakery Company if you’re a La Boulange Cafe’ or Starbuck’s Fan.  They are located on Ocean Ave, between Dolores St. and Lincoln St.  You can contact them at 831-626-8885.)

Two of my other personal favorites here are: Robin’s Jewelry and Chuckle’s Cards And Gifts.  I met Robin in the hallway of the Doud Craft Studios (an indoor mini-plaza of stores), complementing her on her outfit.  Because she has a great personality, I couldn’t help but stop by her store where her apprentice Keeza was creating more jewelry.  Yes, they make their products by hand with sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, shells, natural materials, and of course…a lot of love.  Visit their website at: www.robinsjewelrycarmel.com .  And for Chuckle’s Cards And Gifts, you’ll get a good laugh with the humorous products they sell.  You can visit them at: 3 Dolores NW 0f 6th Ave.  Or you can contact them at:  (831) 293-8023.

Make sure to visit Carmel and its beach.  You’ll see why it’s ranked the 2nd best small city in the U.S. by Conde’ Nast Traveler, and rated one of America’s best beach towns by National Geographic Traveler.


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