Don’t Plan Everything!

I’m re-blogging this from 2 people in my WordPress community. It’s just like the famous Nike quote ‘Just Do It,’ which applies to many things in life.

dream big, live bigger


I was thinking about the concept today of planning ahead. Why does everyone feel like they are in such a rush to get to the future and know ever detail of what that future will look like? What is the fun in that? If you never live in the moment, you’re not really living for anything. If you’re always planning for the future, what is your NOW looking like?

There was a Groupon that I stumbled upon a few days ago that caught my eye. It was called the Mystery Getaway. You pay your money (everything was included; flights, accommodation, and breakfast) but the catch was, you have no idea where you are going. Once you pay your money, you get an email saying where that flight is taking you. That idea sounds so amazing to me. Unfortunately, that Groupon is only valid from the Dublin Airport but it got…

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