An “Inauguration” – Brought From The Past To Help Future Stars…The California Karate Championships.

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The Promoters Of The California Karate Championships Tournament Circuit: Bobby Seronio Jr., Manuel Gonzalez, Junior Salientes, Jordan Pallen, Ervic Aquino, Moe Lama, And Geng Arceo. The Promoters Of The California Karate Championships Tournament Circuit: Bobby Seronio Jr., Manuel Gonzalez, Junior Salientes, Jordan Pallen, Ervic Aquino, Moe Lama, And Geng Arceo.

An “inauguration” of an event that occurred in the past, The California Karate Championships (CKC) came back on November 8, 2014 to the beautiful South San Francisco Convention Center after a long hiatus.  This championship event was the last of a series of numerous tournaments, which were held throughout the year by the following tournament promoters: Bobby Seronio Jr., Junior Salientes, Jordan Pallen, Moe Lama, Manuel Gonzalez, Geng Arceo, and Ervic Aquino.  Each tournament promoter hosts their tournament to allow competitors of all ranks, ages, schools, and styles to gain points to get a higher seed-placing in this championship event (just like in N.F.L. and N.B.A.).  The intent of these promoters was to allow competitive martial artists and future star athletes to gain more experience…

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To all my followers…Thank You and Happy Halloween (if you’re into that lol)!!! Stay safe! And Happy November! With a new month comes a change in my blog site. I’m trying this temporarily, and this address: will still be up. Make sure to get onto the following site: WWW.CHRISENCYCLOPEDIA.COM
It’ll be the same format with many more things to come. The only difference is an actual domain name that will show up in search engines in the future. So tell your family and friends to visit my site, and follow me there through e-mail updates. Follow me on Twitter also.
Last thing: I have videos and tutorials coming up; however, I haven’t decided if they will be on YouTube, Vimeo, or another Facebook account linked to this site.

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Why I Think Some Teachers And Schools Are ‘B.S.’

I’m almost sure that woke people up and possibly got some people mad on this Monday morning 🙂  Let me explain by going a little ‘Bruce Lee’ in this post.  I sometimes challenge the traditional ways of teaching and learning institutions, which is ironic considering that I have an extensive background in multiple universities and schools.  I do believe that you need to do schooling, regardless of what skills you want to learn.  That’s where you get your basics.

However, I don’t agree when certain schools push too much information on a student, thinking that the student will learn what they’re supposed to learn in a certain time period.  And I don’t agree when some teachers get extremely frustrated or angry because of this.  I won’t blame this all on teachers as the curriculum is also to blame.  A person learns when they learn, and every person is different.  This reminds me of a former swim coach I had that started getting frustrated and upset when I couldn’t get a skill.  Or when I took a group motorcycle class before taking private instruction.  There are MANY personal examples I could talk about, but the same idea is there: I learned the skills when my mind and body were ready.  I matured when I was ready to mature and accept the discipline needed.  The good instructors understood this concept and accepted it.  Bad instructors won’t understand this and unfortunately the student will get discouraged.  Each time you practice a skill is one step closer to success, and success happens over time.  With success comes maturity and discipline, and no one can teach that but yourself and life experiences.  You can’t put a deadline or time limit.

I’ll end this post with a quote from the book The Master-Key To Riches by Napoleon Hill (and the numbers are approximate): ‘A person matures physically in about 20 years, but mentally – which means the ego – they require from 35 – 60 years for maturity.  This fact explains why people seldom begin to receive material riches in big amounts, or attain other ways of achievement until they become approximately 50 years old.’

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Check out this year’s Oktoberfest this weekend in Downtown Campbell.  Here’s a little summary from the website:

‘Campbell’s own Oktoberfest will be held in October and will showcase mouthwatering savory German foods including Bratwurst, sauerkraut, pretzels and German potato salad, a variety of beers and ales, over 100 fine artisans from all over the country and an impressive line-up of entertainment, including headliners Alpiners USA.’

You can follow this link:

or call (408) 378-6252 for more info.

Viel Spaß/sich amüsieren!

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What William And Arthur Created…

You’re probably asking who these 2 are.  Let me further explain…William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson.  William first created a blueprint drawing in 1901 for an engine that fits into a bicycle.  Then in 1903, William and Arthur created the first production of their famous brand of motorcycles.  Their masterpiece began in a wooden shed (hmmm…another success story that begins in a simple, basic setting).  Arthur’s brother Walter later joins in their production.

These are a few photos from the Passport Finale, Pancake Blowout, and 2015 Open House Model Event at Iron Steed H.D. in Vacaville, CA.  Some riders showcase their own at these events also.

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CAM00777-1   CAM00774


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Top 5 Reasons To Attend An Art And Wine Faire.

1)  Great food (and supposedly great wine, though I don’t drink because I drive to these events).  There’s something for the whole family to enjoy, even games for the kids.

2)  Hard-working artists displaying their work outdoors under tents (paintings, sculptures, etc.).

3)  Live bands and independent solo artists play great music.

4)  These events take place on closed streets, and along these closed streets are small businesses and restaurants.  Why not show your support for small businesses?


5)  Check out a few of the photos I took from the San Carlos Art And Wine Faire this past weekend, and you decide if an Art And Wine Festival in your town (or near your town) is worth it…

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229 Followers In One Month – Thank You!

Thank you to the 229 followers on my blog website.  If you haven’t already, feel free to share my site with others. At the very least, have them follow and subscribe to my site to get info. and updates on basically….anything.  There will be more things coming so stay in touch.

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